Turn to Us First for Stone or Brick Masonry Services

Turn to Us First for Stone or Brick Masonry Services

We offer commercial masonry in the South Berwick, ME area

Concrete walls and surfaces might be cost-effective, but they're not always aesthetically pleasing. When you're thinking about installing a retaining wall, path or patio, consider using stone or brick masonry to boost your curb appeal. Southern Maine Masonry can build your feature from scratch or install stone veneers on your existing concrete feature.

You'll be amazed by what our crew can do to transform your South Berwick, ME property. Call 603-767-6442 today to schedule stone or brick masonry services.

3 reasons to install a path at your property

Should you consider a brick or stone sidewalk installation? It's a smart idea if...

  1. You want to create a focal point in your landscaping.
  2. You want to guide prospective customers to your front door.
  3. You're tired of laying down gravel after a storm sweeps your path away.
You can rely on Southern Maine Masonry for your stone or brick sidewalk installation. Our experienced masons will build your feature to your specifications.

We serve commercial clients in South Berwick, Maine. Contact us today to learn more.